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Royal Nature is a band that was created after the drummer's survival of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Our drummer Ashton was trekking on the Everest Base Camp Trail in Nepal on April 25, 2015, when a 7.8 earthquake struck the country. After dodging buildings collapsing, being surrounded by corpses, and witnessing constant aftershocks for an entire week, Ashton was finally able to return safely home to North Carolina. He was later diagnosed with PTSD after showing symptoms such as panic attacks, high anxiety, and depression. Just when no cure seemed to exist, Ashton began to write songs, which became his own means of self-prescribed therapy. With the help of his best friends, his goal was to create an album where listeners could walk with him from day one in the Himalayas, through the earthquake and PTSD, and all the way into his renewal.


released December 2, 2016

Produced by Everett Hardin and Ashton Caton
Engineered by Everett Hardin
Songs by Everett Hardin, Ashton Caton,Glenn Deuel, and Ben Roberts
Mastered by Joey Diehl from War Height Audio

Ashton Caton - Lyrics, Drums
Everett Hardin - Vocals, Bass, Synths
Ben Roberts - Vocals, Synths, Piano
Glenn Deuel - Electric Guitar
Caroline Hardin - Violin
Erin Deuel - Vocals

Engineering Assistance - Casey Wells, Sam Utz, Ariel Cortez



all rights reserved


Royal Nature Boone, North Carolina

Our music is about our drummer surviving the Nepal earthquake of 2015.
Instagram: @royalnatureband
Twitter: @royalnatureband
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Track Name: Unthaw
Before the clouds concealed the stars
And the darkness became complete
Before the waters turned murky
And blood ran through the streets

Watching my charity dissipate
And my malice made concrete
Watching my friends retreat into shadow
From the same mistakes that I'd repeat

Come around a blind curve
To a realm covered in snow
Frozen in this glacial silence
All stagnant, but I did not know

Flow to all
Hear the avalanche's call
Track Name: Fissure
It starts again
Countdown from ten
Louder than before
Mountains collapsed, as time elapsed
Swallowed by nature's trapdoor

A fall to earth
Return to dirt
It's coming just for me
All alone, they'll find me cold
And covered in debris

When I catch up I'll be out of breath
Theaters of war leave actors in death

Gaps appeared
When pillars feared
Being shaken to the core
Strength gave way, skies turned grey
The fabric of existence tore

Just get a grip
Before you slip
Into a coma
It's too late now, sweat on your brow
Awaken, live, breathe trauma

When I catch up I'll be out of breath
Theaters of war leave actors in death
Track Name: Biosphere
We all think we know ourselves
Sound the alarm and ring the bells
I met my other side

Your mind becomes a silhouette
When just being human won't get
You through the night

Break the cage
You'll free the beast
This is holiday
I am raw instinct

The master forfeits his whip to his slave
It's the only way that he'll behave
Though he lives in fear

All the colors start to blend
Frame by frame we will transcend
Into the biosphere

Break the cage
You'll free the beast
This is holiday
I am raw instinct
Track Name: Palace of Dreams
Close to beauty, but not close enough
Touch her, explore her, she quivers at the slightest touch
Courage is born there, the coward he dies
Blankets of snow cover footprints of lies

Surround me

Every new wind holds a blizzard at bay
Her sky is left open, swim in the milky way
And as her roots entangle with mine
Our hearts intertwine into something divine

Surround me

And we shall jump from star to star
Not knowing what is our own
Just like the kings of old
Track Name: Oblivion
Track Name: The Pearl
A flash of lightening
Candles aglow
The tear is the pearl of the human soul

Dry bones cry
During a drought
Fruit can't grow where life can't sprout

To find my mind
Was bathed in mist
A violent awakening of consciousness

All masks removed
No more facade
This wildfire will spread abroad

Please take me out to sea

Half submerged
In the abyss
I found comfort in restlessness

With celestial bodies
I beheld the night
Cease the advance I was crowned with light

Eclipsed in white
Afterglow preserved

The angels sing
The saints applaud
This wildfire will spread abroad

Please take me out to sea

Compassion, the most beautiful of all your names
Track Name: My Moon
Do not carry off my moon
Won't you bring her back to me
Oh joy of the birds!
Sharing a nest is why they sing

Compassion stirs as they pluck their strings
Become one soul, composed of two wings

Love, soar
Hearts, roar
I pour you into me

Her fear sinks deep in night
His love will rise with the dawn
As his brush drips fuchsia
He paints the sky upon that which she has drawn

Compassion stirs as they pluck their strings
Become one soul, compared of two wings

My moon brings tides as she swims on high
Our heart will sail across the sky
Track Name: Sweet Valleys
Sweet valleys, you were magic
Running water, undying memories turn tragic
Peaks of mountains, might and valor
Trigger landslides, avalanches, doesn't get much louder

Sweet valleys, you were playful
Scent of pine trees, wanderlust becomes fatal
Peaks of mountains, fearless and true
Buildings topples, people panicked, all sanity withdrew

I'm not made to crumble with the ground underneath
I'm not made to be afraid to dream while I'm asleep
I'm not made for lasting weeping and the gnashing of teeth

And as the flower blooms
We leave our graves
And turn our back on our tombs
Track Name: Ensnared
Heroes go on journeys
Hoping to unearth enchantment
Forget the monsters
And dragons that lie dormant
Waiting to torment

Bravery without fail
Hopes to face down the danger
Forget the evil
And hatred that will torture
Forging a martyr

The odor of death is in the air
The feeling of a real nightmare
The hero is ensnared
Track Name: Released
Isolated into the dark
Now's my time to disembark
The truth brings out hurtful remarks
You can't take back

You ran away from winter's bite
Guard your head, stay out of sight
Now your guide will be moonlight
Wherever you are

Beauty starts to redeem
Waking you from your daydream
And you will be released

When living in awe is just a trance
When you're too down to earth, there's no romance
But if you speak up and take a chance
You might be heard

Beauty starts to redeem
Waking you from your daydream
And you will be released

When you're set apart to be unique
Beauty springs forth to redeem the mystique
When your love is strong, but you feel weak
Now it's the mountains and the trees that speak
Track Name: Bloodstain
My reality is bloodstain
I tried to drain all that pain
When the kingdom is free, the giant slain
My heart will remain arcane